Whether it be a trip to the store or a trip across America's Heartland, The FAST STOP Consumer Card has the features you need to make every trip memorable. The card was engineered with you in mind and is designed to help you get what you need when you need it. The FAST STOP Consumer Card gives you the ability to concentrate on what you want to, and not your fuel budget.

Unlike other cards, your account is issued and maintained by Gateway FS. This means that when you have changes or questions with your account, you will be working with someone locally from our office and not some other company, or country.

Using the FAST STOP Consumer Card enables you the ability to add up to 99 Driver ID's to be registered per card, which means restrictions can be set as to what, when, and where someone can use their card for purchases. Alerts can also be set up to provide updated account information, and transaction receipts can be set up to provide break downs as to what driver or vehicle purchased items with that card. The customization options available offer a perfect mix of security and convenience for every situation.

When you enroll in our Consumer Card Program, you are able to use our FAST STOP locator. This locator allows you to find one of the 250 nearest fueling locations accepting our cards as payment. With the FAST STOP Consumer Card, you have the ability to fuel your vehicle at any of our unattended locations 24/7/365.

The use of our family of cards may unlock the ability to purchase specially priced fuel, and most importantly supports local business.